RLS® Aluminum Press Fittings

Introduced in January of 2016, RLS Aluminum Press Fittings eliminate the difficulty of brazing aluminum tube…and make the previous braze-free option obsolete!

The challenges that come with making consistent and reliable brazed aluminum joints — especially in the field — have kept many manufacturers from choosing lower-cost and lighter-weight aluminum tube for their products. But now, for the first time ever, RLS offers a truly simple, effective and economical way to make leak-free aluminum connections.

Just like RLS Copper Press Fittings, the aluminum tube ends are prepped in the same way as brazing. Then it’s as easy as inserting the tube into the fitting and crimping with the RLS press tool and jaws. In a matter of seconds, a permanent and reliable mechanical joint is made — without the need for heat, flammable gas, hot work permits, nitrogen purging or highly skilled labor.

Although another option to brazing aluminum tube is available, it’s a complicated and expensive 5-piece system that relies on proper application of a liquid sealant and requires a costly tool. So it just isn’t an economically viable solution when compared to RLS.