RLS® Press Fittings Product Overview

Patented RLS® refrigeration press fittings were specifically engineered to join copper or aluminum tube in high-pressure refrigeration systems. The fittings are connected by a simple pressing procedure that is similar to the one used with water press fittings. However, RLS fittings must be joined using an approved RLS press tool and jaws, featuring the exclusive AVA Press Technology,™ which was developed to withstand the high pressures found in refrigeration systems.

RLS fittings replace the highly skilled and time consuming practice of manually brazing refrigeration joints — eliminating the need for an open flame and the hazards that go with it — both for HVAC/R equipment manufacturers and service technicians. There are many important advantages to using RLS press fittings, compared to brazing.

All RLS products are approved for use with the following refrigerants: