For OEMs

The Faster, Safer, Better Solution for Equipment Manufacturers!

The RLS® Refrigeration Press Fitting system allows OEMs to realize significant process and control benefits, for both copper and aluminum tubing. Removing the flame from a manufacturing process has obvious employee safety and in-lining manufacturing benefits. In addition, it gives OEMs greater workforce flexibility by eliminating the need to continually find, train and keep qualified brazing-competent employees — and making it easier to adjust to changing labor needs due to seasonality or product roll outs.

The fittings also allow manufacturers to promote significant quality differentiation due to the consistent reliability of RLS press connections. This can immediately eliminate warranty issues related to brazed joints — often the single largest source of warranty claims. Plus, the ability to promote flame-free service and repair will benefit OEMs and the entire industry as the transition is made to flammable refrigerants.

In addition, to further streamline production processes for OEMs, Parker Sporlan has been granted an exclusive license to manufacture certain valves, filter driers and related products with built-in RLS Copper Press Fitting technology, which are sold under the ZoomLock™ brand. For more information, contact Parker Hannifin - Sporlan Division at 636-239-1111 or